We both love how Matthew has taken the concept of sin and given a breath of fresh air to the topic. You must read this book because in its pages you will finally gain a biblical perspective on sin and what it takes to free yourself from the bonds that so easily entangle!

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When mental illness afflicts a loved one, how can we understand what is happening and respond appropriately? This biblically-literate and scientifically-informed book offers helpful insight, encouragement, and practical advice. For pastors and for those who hurt for those who hurt, Matthew Stanford offers sensitive and welcome guidance.

David G. Myers, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology, Hope College and author of Psychology Through the Eyes of Faith.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Support Group / Bible Study Resources

I am often asked if there is material available for individuals interested in starting faith-based support groups or Bible studies for individuals struggling with mental illness and their families. Two resources that I highly recommend are Dr. Steve Waterhouse’s Depression Recovery According to the Bible and Steve and Robyn Bloem’s Christians Afflicted with Mental Illness. Both of these resources come from pastors who have experienced the pain and suffering associated with mental illness first hand.

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